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Rodolfo Dias
Frontend Engineer at ToolTime
Ivan Jovanovic
Founder at IJ Consulting/Engineer at NearForm
Rory Graves
Consultant at Morgan Stanley
Michał Michalczuk
Senior Software Engineer at Spartez / IT Trainer at infoShare Academy
Robin Moffatt
Senior Developer Advocate at Confluent
Antonio Duma
Sr. Solutions Architect at AWS
Glenn Reyes
Independent Software Engineer
Tomasz Stachlewski
Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services
Maciej Treder
Senior Software Development Engineer at Akamai Technologies
Rodrigo Fernandes
Software Engineer at Codacy
Mathieu Sinn
Senior Technical Staff Member & Research Manager - AI, Security & Privacy at IBM
Jamie Maria Schouren
Head of Product & Brand Strategy at Deity BV
Marjorie Figueroa
Freelance Frontend Developer
Alex Lobera
Founder at LeanJS and React GraphQL Academy
Przemek Maciołek
Co-Founder & VP R&D of LogSense
Gautier Di Folco
Tech Lead at Linagora
Maria-Livia Chiorean
Software Developer at Sky
Jakub Janczyk
Full-Stack Developer at Pragmatists
Oleh Dokuka
Principal Software Developer/Developer Advocate at Netifi
Konrad Jakubiec
Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Eugene Yokota
Principal Engineer at Lightbend
Guillaume Martres
PhD student at LAMP/EPFL
Umit Mert Cakmak
Senior Data Scientist & Machine Learning Engineer at IBM
Tomasz Godzik
Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Paweł Rzeszuciński
Chief Data Scientist at Codewise
Jacek Leśkow
Director of the Polish National Institute for Academic and Computer Networks NASK
Justin Kaeser
Senior Software Developer at JetBrains
Philipp Krenn
Developer Advocate at Elastic
Marcin Szeliga
Data Scientist and Machine Learning practitioner Independent consultant
Juan Tomás García
Chief Envisioning Officer at Sngular
Ola Kunysz
Software Engineer at Tipser
Paweł Tomasik
Technical Lead in Motorola Solutions
Fabio Tiriticco
Software Engineer, Independent Consultant
Tomasz Stopa
Release Manager at IBM
Aleksander Pentchev
IT Professional (front-end) at Roche Poland
Alexander Podkhalyuzin
Software Developer at JetBrains

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