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Michał Jakóbczyk
Software Engineering Director at Airhelp
Paweł Kamiński
Software Engineer in Platform at Casumo
Daniel Jagielski
Software Development Manager in VirtusLab
Mikhail Mutcianko
Software Developer at JetBrains
Hugh McKee
Developer Advocate at Lightbend
Zainab Ali
Software Developer at Blackboard
Paweł Marks
Kotlin tooling engineer at VirtusLab
Krzysztof Romanowski
Head of Dev & Scala Tooling at VirtusLab
Maciej Olesiński
Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Michael Clifford
Data Scientist - R&D Artificial Intelligence at Red Hat
Mateusz Owczarek
Scala Developer at AVSystem
Miron Ficak
Scala Developer at AVSystem
Grzegorz Gawron
Head of Data Science at VirtusLab
Krystian Rybarczyk
Senior Software Engineer at Codete
Piotr Kliczewski
Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat
Matthew Opala
Machine Learning Tech Lead at Netguru
Nikolay Tsvetkov
Big Data Software Engineer at CERN
Adam Niedziałkowski
Software Developer/ML Engineer at
Scott Saltsgaver
Techincal Lead/Software Engineer/Architect at Cisco Systems Inc
Greg Herlein
Director, Site Reliability Engineering, Customer Experience at Cisco
David Wang
Senior Architect at Cisco
Gabriel Asman
Software Developer for OVO Energy
Iulian Dragoș
CEO & Co-founder at Triplequote LLC
Tomasz Sęk
Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Jacek Spólnik
Lead Software Engineer in Revolut Poland
Weronika Dranka
Data Scientist w Unit8
Sébastien Doeraene
Executive Director of the Scala Center
Francois Farquet
Oracle Labs | GraalVM
Mateusz Bryła
Technical Lead at Cloudinary
Mateusz Ziarko
Engineering Manager at VirtusLab
Artur Skowroński
Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Oindrilla Chatterjee
Data Scientist at Red Hat
Maciej Lasyk
Benevolent Dictator, Cloud Operations at
Zoë Weil
Chief Scientist — Artificial Intelligence at Risalto Health
Łukasz Biały
Principal Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Krzysztof Borowski
Software Engineer at VirtusLab

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