Cloud Engineering career ignition – workshop

Practical knowledge about what is mandatory to kick start your career towards the cloud technologies landscape. The session covers an introduction to Cloud Engineering, basic concepts of Linux-based operating systems, and most practical topics related to networking used in public cloud environments.


  • Introduction to Cloud Engineering: What exactly is Cloud Engineering and what are the first steps out there.
  • Linux-based operating systems: What is Linux, how it works, basic concepts of *NIX systems, most useful bash commands, and basic scripting. Everything needed to navigate in this space effectively.
  • How does the Internet work? Explore concepts of networking such as OSI/ISO layers, overview and deep dive into most used Internet protocols and technologies such as DNS, VPN, PKI, OAuth, SAML, OpenID Connect, and more.

Our mission is to share and explore the foundational knowledge of modern cloud engineering first. Topics such as Infrastructure as Code, Containers Orchestration, etc. are subjects for the next workshop.  

3,5h + breaks

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