A new sphere.it initiative, a conference focused on: Frontend Development

Krakow Opera, Krakow, Poland

Visualizing large datasets with JavaScript using deck.gl

When talking about data visualization and JavaScript your mind usually goes to D3.js. But if our data has a location-based representation, we are faced with a limited choice. The main topic of this talk is to introduce the audience with deck.gl, an open-source WebGL-powered library developed by Uber that allows us to create beautiful data visualizations of large datasets and raise the level of interactivity for the user on a whole new level. A short introduction to the library and it’s API will be demonstrated along with practical use-cases, live-code examples and it’s integration with popular frameworks such as Angular and React.

16:50 - 17:30
Main Chamber


Visualizing large datasets with JavaScript using deck.gl
More talks and speakers to be announced soon...

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