BUGinnings in IT #7

6:00 PM
Hevre, Krakow
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The first BUGinnings in IT event of 2023 is here!

For this one, we invited experts from Qualtrics, AWS and VirtusLab.

Together, we’ll dive deep into internet accessibility, explore the secret of a successful personal brand, and learn the ultimate skills that allow us to keep up with the ever-changing tech landscape.


BUGinnnings in IT is a series of events presenting stories about the first career steps in the tech industry.

Specialists with many years of experience come on stage to share their advice, setbacks and lessons learned gained throughout their professional journey. They also explain how to enter their field of specialisation.

Come and get inspired!


6:00 PM

Doors open

6:10 PM

Are you destined to deal with the ever-changing tech landscape?

We often question whether our career stays on track or current skills are good enough to sustain us in the job market. How to transition from one technology field to the other? What are the ultimate skills despite the fact of an ever-changing technological landscape?

In this presentation, I will share my career path and key lessons that helped me adapt to the new role and move forward. The content should be relevant both for individual contributors and aspiring managers.

Bartek Antoniak • Head of Cloud Engineering at VirtusLab 
6:50 PM

How to make the Internet accessible to everyone

The Internet is an awesome place where everyone can find interesting materials. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget some people cannot use it the same way as most of us – e.g. people with vision, motion, or cognitive disabilities. Why is accessibility so unpopular among developers? I believe it’s not because of bad will – we often don’t understand our users’ problems. It’s why I want to show some tricks to better understand users with disabilities, talk about the most popular mistakes (and fixes for them), and discuss improvements you can include in your development process to avoid accessibility problems in the future.

Dominika Zając • Senior Software Engineer at Qualtrics
7:30 PM

Personal Brand: How to Build the Brand Called ‘You’

Tonight is the night! You have decided that you will transform your current role in IT.

It can be either that you are leaving your current job in an IT company for good and you are going on your own – all-in, no return. Or you feel that you have expert knowledge in your hands but are undervalued at your current position. For some of you, it could be a new immediate reality. For some – it could be in-5-years-dream. However – in both cases – you get that heavy, cold, and unwelcome pressure in your stomach that replaces the initial euphoria. Your head is repeating over and over the question: how do people recognize that I am excellent in what I do?

Obviously, you can stop me and say: Wojtek, you silly – it’s all about marketing! And you are right. Of course, it is. But building an expert image – someone trustworthy, an opinion-maker, and a real craftsman takes time. It does not happen overnight (despite snake oil and tricks sold by many), but it does not have to be trial and error. The premise of a higher salary, worldwide recognition, or potential clients finding you easily is tempting, but how on earth to do that?

Throughout my IT career – first unconsciously, then fully aware – I have established, grown, and maintained my personal brand, which I capitalized on in many different ways. It was not easy, definitely not immediate, nor without errors. Come and join the talk if you want to learn what to do and, more importantly, what to avoid when building your personal brand. Learn how to invest in ‘You’, especially in such turbulent times, which is the best possible course of action you can take.

Wojtek Gawroński • Senior Developer Advocate at AWS
8:00 PM

Networking over a beer

See you soon!

21.02.2023 | 6:00 PM | Hevre, Krakow

The equivalent of the ticket can be collected at the bar during the event.

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