April 15-17, 2018 | Kraków, Poland 15/04 - workshops & hackathons, 16-17/04 - the conferences

A space for sharing ideas, innovation and state-of-the-art software technologies.

Let's immerse ourselves into Scala Dev Tools

This is a unique event devoted to important topic for every Scala Software Developer - Dev Tools.

Our aim is to show how they can facilitate effective development of Scala-based systems, how they are written, and to discuss what could still be improved.

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Making the most in a world that’s data driven

DataSphere is a conference devoted to data-centric systems and the technologies making them tick. Whether it is data engineering or AI application challenges - they all fit well in.

From technical details to concrete business use cases, no fluff.

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Let's focus on Reactive system design

ReactSphere is a conference focused on Reactive Programming and Reactive System Design.

Let's dive deep into the principles of building responsive distributed systems handling huge amounts of data with near-realtime performance. Microservice Architectures, Actors, Messaging Systems, methods for domain analysis, and more will be covered during lively talks.

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Free companion event of sphere.it focused on: Cloud-Native Architecture

CloudSphere is centered on Cloud-Native application development and architecture. This year’s edition is a sneak peak version of what we are planning for next year - a full 2-day track devoted to cloud-related subjects. This year CloudSphere is a small companion event to Sphere.it focused on Kubernetes and Aws Lambda.

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Sphere.it is an event organized by VirtusLab

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