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What is Sphere.it?

Welcome to a unique & innovative Software Technology Conference. Attracting developers, technology enthusiasts and businesses people all over the globe, Sphere.it Conference is becoming the leading Software Tech event in Poland, with around 600 participants, great workshops and world-class speakers. Join us for the next edition which takes place 7-9.10.2019, in the Krakow Opera, Krakow, Poland.
Scala.sphere.it is a unique event devoted to important topic for every Scala Software Developer – Dev Tools. Our aim is to show how they can facilitate effective development of Scala-based systems, how they are written, and to discuss what could still be improved.
Data.sphere.it is a conference devoted to data-centric systems and the technologies that make them tick. Whether it is data engineering or AI application challenges, they all fit in well.
React.sphere.it is a conference focused on Reactive Programming and Reactive System Design. Microservice Architectures, Actors, Messaging Systems, methods for domain analysis – all this and more will be covered during lively talks.
JS.sphere.it puts emphasis on Maintainable JavaScript. New development paradigms and best practices to the frontend will be discussed; from TypeScript, JS Tooling to the most advanced frameworks allowing to build Scalable Architecture.
Cloud.sphere.it is focused on Cloud-Native application development, architecture and tooling.
Kotlin is taking the hearts of developers and managers by the storm.
Focus on a current perspective on the flourishing field of quantum computing.

All speakers

Zainab Ali
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Zainab Ali
Gaël Blondelle
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Gaël Blondelle Managing Director of the Eclipse Foundation in Europe and VP
Umit Mert Cakmak
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Umit Mert Cakmak IBM
Renato Cavalcanti
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Renato Cavalcanti Software Developer at Lightbend
Maria-Livia Chiorean
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Maria-Livia Chiorean Software Developer at Sky
Michael Clifford
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Michael Clifford Data Scientist - R&D Artificial Intelligence at Red Hat
Yan Cui
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Yan Cui DAZN
Holly Cummins
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Holly Cummins IBM
Krzysztof Daniel
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Krzysztof Daniel Leading Edge Forum
Rodolfo Dias
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Rodolfo Dias Frontend Engineer at ToolTime
Oleh Dokuka
View speaker
Oleh Dokuka
Rodrigo Fernandes
View speaker
Rodrigo Fernandes Software Engineer at Codacy
Miron Ficak
View speaker
Miron Ficak Scala Developer at AVSystem
Marjorie Figueroa
View speaker
Marjorie Figueroa Frontend developer at Zooplus
Gautier Di Folco
View speaker
Gautier Di Folco Tech Lead at Linagora
Rossella De Gaetano
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Rossella De Gaetano IBM
Juantomás García
View speaker
Juantomás García Chief Envisioning Officer at Sngular
Grzegorz Gawron
View speaker
Grzegorz Gawron Head of Data Science at VirtusLab
Tomasz Godzik
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Tomasz Godzik Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Rory Graves
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Rory Graves Ensime
Daniel Jagielski
View speaker
Daniel Jagielski Software Development Manager in VirtusLab
Michał Jakóbczyk
View speaker
Michał Jakóbczyk Software Engineering Director
Konrad Jakubiec
View speaker
Konrad Jakubiec Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Jakub Janczyk
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Jakub Janczyk Full-Stack Developer at Pragmatists
Roman Janusz
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Roman Janusz Software Engineer at AVSystem
Ivan Jovanovic
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Ivan Jovanovic Founder at IJ Consulting. Engineer at NearForm
Justin Kaeser
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Justin Kaeser JetBrains
Paweł Kamiński
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Paweł Kamiński Software Engineer in Platform at Casumo
Wojciech Karaś
View speaker
Wojciech Karaś Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Piotr Kliczewski
View speaker
Piotr Kliczewski Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat
Philipp Krenn
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Philipp Krenn Elastic
Ola Kunysz
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Ola Kunysz Software Engineer
Adam Kuśmierz
View speaker
Adam Kuśmierz Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Marko Letic
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Marko Letic Tech Speaker at Mozilla, Lead Front-end Engineer at AVA
Przemek Maciołek
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Przemek Maciołek Co-Founder & VP R&D of LogSense
Paweł Marks
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Paweł Marks Kotlin tooling engineer at VirtusLab
Guillaume Martres
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Guillaume Martres EPFL
Hugh McKee
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Hugh McKee Developer Advocate at Lightbend
Michał Michalczuk
View speaker
Michał Michalczuk Full-Stack Software Developer, IT trainer at infoShare Academy
Robin Moffatt
View speaker
Robin Moffatt Confluent
Mikhail Mutcianko
View speaker
Mikhail Mutcianko Software Developer at JetBrains
Adam Niedziałkowski
View speaker
Adam Niedziałkowski Software Developer/ML Engineer at 2040.io
Maciej Olesiński
View speaker
Maciej Olesiński Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Matthew Opala
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Matthew Opala Machine Learning Tech Lead at Netguru
Mateusz Owczarek
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Mateusz Owczarek Scala Developer at AVSystem
Aleksander Pentchev
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Aleksander Pentchev IT Professional (front-end) at Roche Poland
Alexander Podkhalyuzin
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Alexander Podkhalyuzin JetBrains
Giuseppe Angelo Porcelli
View speaker
Giuseppe Angelo Porcelli Amazon Web Services
Jon Pretty
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Jon Pretty Propensive
Krzysztof Romanowski
View speaker
Krzysztof Romanowski Head of Dev & Scala Tooling at VirtusLab
Krystian Rybarczyk
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Krystian Rybarczyk Senior Software Engineer at Codete
Paweł Rzeszuciński
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Paweł Rzeszuciński Codewise
Jamie Maria Schouren
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Jamie Maria Schouren Head of Product & Brand Strategy at Deity BV
Mathieu Sinn
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Mathieu Sinn IBM
Tomasz Stachlewski
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Tomasz Stachlewski Amazon Web Services
Marcin Szeliga
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Marcin Szeliga Data Scientist and Machine Learning practitionerIndependent consultant
Fabio Tiriticco
View speaker
Fabio Tiriticco Software Engineer, independent consultant
Paweł Tomasik
View speaker
Paweł Tomasik Technical lead in Motorola Solutions
Maciej Treder
View speaker
Maciej Treder Senior Software Development Engineer at Akamai Technologies
Nikolay Tsvetkov
View speaker
Nikolay Tsvetkov Big Data Software Engineer at CERN
Juho Vepsäläinen
View speaker
Juho Vepsäläinen Founder of SurviveJS, JSter, React Finland and GraphQLFinland
Eugene Yokota
View speaker
Eugene Yokota Lightbend
Kazimierz Zagroba
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Kazimierz Zagroba Software Engineer at VirtusLab


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The Opera of Kraków
Lubicz 48
31-512 Kraków

Getting around

From the airport take a taxi or train.
For checking public communication you can use jakdojade.pl

Community Integration

On Tuesday evening we invite you to chat & grab a drink at Browar Lubicz.

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This Code of Conduct was based on JSConf EU, ScalaDays and the work of Valerie Aurora “How to Respond to Code of Conduct Reports“.

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This Code of Conduct was based on JSConf EU, ScalaDays and the work of Valerie Aurora “How to Respond to Code of Conduct Reports“.

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