Sphere.it Tech Talks #5

Runtime Safety of Akka & Trust Driven Development

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In the November edition of our Tech Talks series, we’ll host experts from Grand Parade and VirtusLab. The first topic will be all about the runtime safety of #Akka & the serialization toolbox for Akka messages. The latter will focus on optimizing lead time for your changes via Trust Driven Development.

The event will take place on the 23rd of November, 2021, starting at 6:00 PM.

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6:00 PM

Serialization toolbox for Akka messages, events and persistent state that helps achieve compile-time guarantee on serializability

Every message leaving a JVM boundary in Akka needs to be serialized first. However, the existing solutions for serialization in Scala leave a lot of room for runtime failures that are NOT reported in compile time. We’re glad to introduce Akka Serialization Helper, a toolkit including a Circe-based, runtime-safe serializer and a set of Scala compiler plugins to counteract the common caveats when working with Akka serialization.

Paweł Lipski • Software Developer at VirtusLab & Marcin Złakowski • Software Developer at VirtusLab
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6:30 PM

Trust Driven Development. How to break the silos between Dev, Ops, and Change Management teams and shorten Lead Time for your Changes

We all know that Software Development Lifecycle can be a complicated process. We are usually good at identifying bottlenecks and we have tools like Value Stream Mapping to visualize them. We are often able to remove some of the barriers by adjusting the process itself.

There are also some impediments that can be removed only by building trust across Development, Operations, and Change Management teams. During my talk, I will shine the light on how to build trust between these teams, break the silos and accelerate the delivery of our product.

Tomasz Manugiewicz • General Manager at Grand Parade Poland
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