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Apps in the world of Hybrid Cloud

October 7, 2019

Deploying cloud-native applications in an environment that is both on-prem and cloud based is difficult and error-prone. Or is it?

In this demo we'll explain how VMware's Bitnami application catalog can be used along with NSX-T software-defined networking to seamlessly deploy an application across the data center and public cloud. We'll walk through building and updating a microservices-based, polyglot application. We will deploy it on top of Kubernetes running on-prem and leverage a database deployed as a VM in the public cloud.

We will show how NSX Cloud, VMware’s hybrid networking solution, can be used to create a private network that spans both on-prem data center and private clouds.

The session also shows how you can automate application updates with CI/CD built on the GitLab Certified by Bitnami VM - creating a pipeline that builds and pushes each microservice app on each change.

Finally, we'll demo how Bitnami’s open source project Kubeapps can be leveraged for managing and versioning deployments of our application.