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Discussion Panel – Back in Tech: Returning to Work After a Career Break

March 15, 2024

Discussion Panel on Strategies for Relaunching Your Career in Tech. Host: Anna Sroka

When thinking about career, it is not obvious to wonder what I will do when I have a career break. A career break is most often not intentional and is unexpected for us. How do we respond to such a situation, what steps and strategies do we take? Is a career after a break possible? During this panel you will hear stories of women experiencing a career break and listen to their stories. Together we will reflect on the success of returning to work and where to look for support.

We will touch on the emotions associated with such a difficult change and how you can make the most of them. Key takeaways:

  • how to prepare for a career break
  • what steps to take to make a successful return to work
  • learn about the challenges and opportunities associated with a career break
  • where to find support and how to use it effectively