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Quantum computers in the cloud – myths and facts

October 7, 2019

In common perception, quantum computers are a good topic for scientific magazine article rather than something that may affect us directly. The reason is that only a couple of technology institutes are equipped with them. That gives a chance to play around only to a narrow group of scientist.

But last year first quantum computers became available in the cloud for every passionate around the world. That creates great acceleration for research and raises anticipation for increased progress in this are. As a result, quantum computers may evolve from pure curiosity to something every professional shall be familiar with

There are a lot of speculation about the future. Are quantum chipsets going to replace classic ones in everyday use or will stay in scientific laboratories? How they can change our approach to encryption and cyber security world - are there more opportunities or threats?

During this talk, I'll try to answer these questions providing basic concepts of quantum computing topic. I’ll present problems that can actually be solved with this technology and as well as popular myths around this topic.