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Unconscious biases and… how to use them in your professional career

March 15, 2024

We all recognize the significance of first impressions, and it's a common tendency to gravitate towards individuals who share similarities with us. However, have you ever observed that individuals who share the same name with us tend to elicit a greater sense of liking automatically? Perhaps you've also noticed that certain teachers have names which are frequently associated with particular subjects they teach…

Every day, hidden biases influence how we see and react to the world around us, even when we don't realize that. Studies show that anti-bias training might not be the magic solution we hope for.

So… let’s think. What can we do about that?

Join me in this talk, where we'll explore these unconscious biases, heuristics and the tricks our brains play on us and the people around us. I want to help you understand how our minds work and, most importantly, how you can turn this knowledge into an advantage in your job.

Let's break down the idea of unconscious biases together and discover practical ways to use this understanding to your benefit in your professional journey. Learn how to transform them from possible obstacles into powerful knowledge for career growth. Gain insights into navigating biases and pick up actionable tips for making smart decisions and creating a successful professional path.