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Nesrine Changuel

Nesrine Changuel

Building Lovable products @Google, Coach, Advisor, ex-Spotify & Microsoft

Nesrine Changuel is an independent product coach and product advocate who's been helping product leaders and spreading product knowledge for over a decade. Nesrine is passionate about technology and defines herself as agile at heart. She is a strong believer in continuous improvement to build successful products.

Nesrine started her career as a research engineer at Bell Labs Nokia in Paris where she published multiple journal papers and technological patents. She moved to product management to start as a product manager at Skype as part of Microsoft in Stockholm. At Skype, Nesrine was responsible for the platform growth including integrating Skype to HoloLens devices and interoperability with Microsoft Teams. After four years at Skype, Nesrine then moved to Spotify, where she led multiple products such as video podcasts and media quality. She helped scaling up Spotify with new formats and enabled supporting new devices and platforms. After four years at Spotify, Nesrine moved to Google, where she started working on the Google Meet product with the mission of providing the best delightful user experience on Meet. Nesrine moved then to Paris to work on Chrome on iOS where she managed new product challenges such as combining productivity and delight for B2C products. 

Nesrine got to address several aspects of product management challenges with products at different stages and scales. She loves using her product expertise in helping others flourish and building a better product environment around them.

Nesrine travelled to conferences around the world to deliver talks on the dynamic topic of Product Management. As a speaker, she balances inspiration with information, providing both theory and practical takeaways.

Nesrine is also lecturer, where she taught courses on product management at different academic institutions such as INSEAD, HEC and Product School. 

Nesrine is based in Paris