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Evolving as a Product Leader: Navigating the Transition from Seniority to Leadership

March 15, 2024

During this talk, we delve into the journey from being an individual contributor in product management to stepping up as a people leader and even a founder. We will explore the mental shift required to transition from seniority to leadership. As a senior product manager, you're an expert in your field, but how do you navigate the complexities when you're called to lead people? We will discuss how to choose the right mentors who can guide you through this process and also the value of becoming a mentor yourself.

Next, we will cover the exciting yet challenging decision to become a founder. What changes should you anticipate, and how can you prepare for this leap? We will provide insights based on real-life experiences and lessons learned.

Lastly, we will compare executive roles with people leadership. How do these roles differ, and what skills are needed to excel in each? This talk aims to equip product managers and wanna-be founders with a deeper understanding of the journey to leadership in tech, celebrating the strides made by women in this field and inspiring the audience to build upon these foundations.