Sphere.it Tech Talks #1

HeadlessCMS & MicroFrontends

Start 6:00 PM CEST
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sphere.it tech talks

The first event from our new series – Sphere.it Tech Talks – is just around the corner! On July 24th, join us to talk about #HeadlessCMS and #MicroFrontends

6:05 PM Why you should go Headless – by Daniel Medalitso Phiri

6:25 PM Consuming headless in the omnichannel networks – by Mateusz Strąg

6:45 PM Code Reusage and Shared Components in Micro Frontends – by Vanessa Böhner

7:15 PM Q&A

8:00 PM Networking on Airmeet

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24.06.2021 | START 6:00 PM CEST | VIRTUAL EVENT

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