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The SpHERe.it Conference is for

Women in Tech and Career Changers

Women across various backgrounds, celebrating their journey in technology. Returning Professionals overcoming challenges of career breaks.

Industry Leaders and Professionals

Experts & Tech Leaders shaping the future of the industry. Beyond Senior Professionals seeking proactive approaches to career advancement. Entrepreneurs driving innovation and impact in the tech landscape.

Tech Enthusiasts

Individuals of any gender passionate about contributing to and benefiting from the tech community. Tech Enthusiasts eager to explore the latest trends and innovations.

The SpHERe.it Conference brings together a vibrant mix of individuals and encourage professionals of any gender who find themselves in a position to contribute, share, and benefit from the community.

2024 Theme: HERitage of Tech

This year’s edition is a celebration and a call to action, emphasizing not just looking back but understanding how today’s women in tech are building upon the foundations laid by those who came before them.

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The SpHERe.it Conference 2024 brings together a vibrant mix of individuals from
Technology • Software • Digital • Engineering • Design • Science

Explore the breadth of the tech world with us.

Event Agenda

Violet Stage | 15.03 | Friday

8:00 am
9:00 am
9:00 am
9:30 am
Event Opening
9:30 am
10:10 am
Opening Keynote: The Growth Path: Tips To Build Your Own Success Story

This talk is to share the pivotal lessons that have been instrumental in shaping my career, especially as a woman navigating the dynamic landscape of the tech industry. These lessons, forged through personal experiences, have been the compass guiding me towards both personal and professional growth.

First and foremost, I’ll share the wisdom of treating your career as a project – an endeavor requiring strategic planning, goal-setting, and continuous evaluation. This mindset shift has been a game-changer, allowing me to approach my professional journey with intention and purpose.

Dive into the transformative power of adopting a growth mindset, a mindset that encourages constant learning, resilience, and an openness to embrace challenges as opportunities. Learn how this mindset has been a cornerstone in overcoming obstacles and driving my success in the ever-evolving tech world.

Negotiation is an art, and mastering it is crucial. Uncover the nuances of negotiation that have empowered me to advocate for my worth and navigate career advancements effectively. Explore the impact of considering all job opportunities, recognizing that each experience contributes uniquely to your skill set and overall career trajectory.

One of the profound lessons I’ve learned is the significance of teaching others. Discover how sharing knowledge not only contributes to the growth of those around you but also deepens your understanding and mastery of your own expertise.

Furthermore, we’ll discuss the importance of prioritizing personal happiness. Delve into the idea that doing more of what makes you happy isn’t just a luxury but a strategic choice that fuels productivity and long-term success.

Lastly, I’ll emphasize the transformative power of building relationships with those who uplift and inspire. Learn how cultivating connections with mentors and supportive peers has played a pivotal role in my journey, offering guidance, encouragement, and opening doors to new opportunities.

This talk is a glimpse into the invaluable lessons that have shaped my career, with the hope that they resonate and empower you on your unique professional path. Join me as we explore these insights and uncover the keys to unlocking personal and professional fulfillment.

10:20 am
10:50 am
Being Successful on Purpose

In my talk I will share practical insights, strategies, and examples that demonstrate how individuals in the tech industry can be intentional about their career paths, skill development, and overall success.

11:00 am
11:30 am
„In theory „yes”, but in practice…” – zoom on leadership

In a world full of academic concepts and an ongoing stream of (even practical) advice on “how-to” lead & manage people, I believe there is still no “fitting-all” solution. Winning people’s hearts and minds is still a challenge for us as humans (not only in the workplace). Therefore, I won’t give you “ready-made” recipes to be re-applied in any random environment, as their effectiveness depends, in my opinion, on a context and very individual set-up and external & internal circumstances. Instead, I will invite you to exercise your open but still critical and full of alertness mind while zooming on some currently popular trends in leadership. From the practitioner’s perspective, I will spotlight some dark areas where academic concepts may not work in practice (and why), not to discredit these concepts but to sensitize future practitioners to some variables impacting adequacy. To the concepts under the loop, you may expect: servant leadership, call out for diversity & inclusion, people empowerment, people engagement, and communication.   

11:40 am
12:10 am
Lessons from the happiest place on earth

What do a roller coaster queue and building great products have in common? It turns out more than you think. A winning product is tough to nail down, but it almost feels magical when it’s done right. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build products customers love that also work for the business through special lessons from the happiest place on earth.

12:20 pm
12:50 pm
Change your product mindset: MVP → MLP

Have you ever thought about products or brands to which you’re loyal? Well, here’s the thing!

Have you heard about the concept of MVP (Minimum Viable Product)? Probably, yes!

Now, imagine there’s a concept called Minimum Loveable Product 💛, which at its core emphasizes love, loyalty, and customer engagement. How do you build a product from scratch that customers will adore and recommend?

We’ll share our tips, developed over the years, on how to build a business with an MLP mindset that brings in 💸 5.5 million pln revenue annually at Design Practice.

1:00 pm
1:30 pm
Bridging Worlds: Embracing Humanism in Tech

Embracing humanism in the tech industry isn’t just a choice; it’s a superpower that can transform both individuals and organizations. Join me as I share how integrating humanistic values alongside technical prowess propelled my career from a bewildered graduate to a proficient Design Operations professional in a major tech firm. I’ll discuss how embracing new technologies allowed me to uphold my humanist values every step of the way, navigating complex projects with empathy and fostering inclusive work environments.

Discover how to embrace your tech career and knowledge while allowing your soft skills to shine. It’s not just about innovation; it’s about fostering empathy, inclusivity, and personal growth. Join me for an insightful exploration of how humanism intersects with the latest technologies.

1:40 pm
2:10 pm
Fostering growth through knowledge sharing

The famous quote states that “love is the only thing that grows when sharing.” However, I believe that’s not entirely true: there’s another element – knowledge. As someone who fell in love with coding through a voluntary event (hello Rails Girls Kraków), I always knew that, once I became a programmer, I wanted to give back to the tech community. The longer I engage in these activities, the more I realize how much I still benefit from them.

In my session, I’ll share tips and insights based on years of experience in teaching, writing tech articles, mentoring, and organizing events. What do I love the most? Why do I believe in volunteering and sharing knowledge? What wouldn’t I do if I knew then what I know today? And, of course, is it all worth it? I’ll also provide practical advice on how to start, where to find an audience for your initiatives, and how not to neglect yourself amidst these responsibilities (lessons I had to learn the hard way).

I hope that after this session, you’ll become part of a community where individuals grow and advance in their careers while not only focusing on themselves but also assisting others. Together, we can create a more inclusive, supportive, and better IT world for all of us.

2:20 pm
3:20 pm
Discussion Panel – Back in Tech: Returning to Work After a Career Break

Discussion Panel on Strategies for Relaunching Your Career in Tech. Host: Anna Sroka

When thinking about career, it is not obvious to wonder what I will do when I have a career break. A career break is most often not intentional and is unexpected for us. How do we respond to such a situation, what steps and strategies do we take? Is a career after a break possible? During this panel you will hear stories of women experiencing a career break and listen to their stories. Together we will reflect on the success of returning to work and where to look for support.

We will touch on the emotions associated with such a difficult change and how you can make the most of them. Key takeaways:

  • how to prepare for a career break
  • what steps to take to make a successful return to work
  • learn about the challenges and opportunities associated with a career break
  • where to find support and how to use it effectively
3:30 pm
4:00 pm
Experiences Drive You Forward… and Backward. Why I Decided to Hunt Down Monsters for a Living.

I invite you on a journey through my personal story of making friends with chaos.
I would like to show you how I considered challenging professional experiences to be turning points on my path,
how I used the hardest of them as a source of strength to achieve my goals… And how a certain train ride turned out to be way more important than one could think.
Today, I’m in a position where I can do and create things that I didn’t even dream of 10 years ago, and something tells me that such a place is waiting for everyone; you just have to know how to find it. So what are the guideposts and signs? And what should you do today to notice them? Since we’re here, I’d love to tell you all about it.

4:10 pm
4:40 pm
Short space exploration history

During short space exploration history, we will explore how women shaped the history of space, what role one can play in the space industry, and how to start own exploration and space journey.

4:50 pm
5:30 pm
Closing Keynote: The future of development: Are our jobs getting harder or easier?

In the early days of computing, software developers had to encode their programs on punch cards, and carry the bits around by hand. By the 1970s they had the joy of keyboards and displays. Sadly, those oppressed developers had to wear flare trousers, work in C, and manage their own memory. By 2000 the memory thing was sorted out, but the trousers were arguably worse, and developers had to maintain their own hardware. Now, our hardware is someone else’s problem, everything is open source, AI can write our code, and we have a choice whether to work in Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Ruby, Go, Python, Rust, or Typescript. On the other hand, now we have yaml.

And many of us find we have to work in ALL of Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Ruby, Go, Python, Rust, or Typescript, all while managing a cloud, becoming security experts, learning CSS, and debugging the code our AI “helper” wrote. And we’re supposed to be full-stack, and shifting left, and building up open source in our free time. Are we living the dream or sinking under cognitive overload? And is open source helping or hurting? 

Sapphire Stage | 15.03 | Friday

10:20 am
10:50 am
How education and career break can shape your future

Paulina took a break during her last year of high school, when she was 19 and went alone to India, Nepal, and the Himalayas. Then, being 20 years old 1st-year university student, her daughter was born. The start of her higher education and professional life was interspersed with different events…and career breaks. Today, she strongly believes that those breaks made her stronger and made her who she is now. At work and in life.

11:00 am
11:30 am
Bridging the Gap: Strategies for Reintegrating into the IT Workforce

A presentation about the challenges faced by those returning to work after a career gap. Discussion around guidance on reintegration strategies and how to leverage existing skills while acquiring new ones. The role of supportive work environments and how to create them.

12:20 pm
12:50 pm
Unconscious biases and… how to use them in your professional career

We all recognize the significance of first impressions, and it’s a common tendency to gravitate towards individuals who share similarities with us. However, have you ever observed that individuals who share the same name with us tend to elicit a greater sense of liking automatically? Perhaps you’ve also noticed that certain teachers have names which are frequently associated with particular subjects they teach…

Every day, hidden biases influence how we see and react to the world around us, even when we don’t realize that. Studies show that anti-bias training might not be the magic solution we hope for.

So… let’s think. What can we do about that?

Join me in this talk, where we’ll explore these unconscious biases, heuristics and the tricks our brains play on us and the people around us. I want to help you understand how our minds work and, most importantly, how you can turn this knowledge into an advantage in your job.

Let’s break down the idea of unconscious biases together and discover practical ways to use this understanding to your benefit in your professional journey. Learn how to transform them from possible obstacles into powerful knowledge for career growth. Gain insights into navigating biases and pick up actionable tips for making smart decisions and creating a successful professional path.

1:00 pm
1:30 pm
Values in Tech – Beyond Buzzwords: A Vital Action-Item on Your Career RoadMap

Ever found yourself lost, not sure which role to take, not able to pinpoint what bugs you at work?

Or finding yourself in workplaces that didn’t really allow you to shine, and it felt hard to just “do your job”?

Navigating key points in your career requires a thoughtful approach. In this discussion, we’ll explore the practical role of your values in your professional journey.

Beyond the commonplace understanding of corporate values, we unravel the strategic use of these principles, elevating them from mere rhetoric to a cornerstone guiding your professional journey.

I’ll introduce the “Value-Driven Professional Life” method, showing you how to integrate values into your daily work life and make informed choices, moving beyond just tech considerations when assessing job opportunities. This approach empowers you to understand workplace culture and take intentional steps in line with your career goals.

1:40 pm
2:10 pm
Work-life imbalance – how to advance your career without sacrificing private life

Now more than ever we are aware of the importance of mental health at work and we start wondering if it is possible to have a fulfilling professional career without sacrificing time for your family, hobbies, and other interests.
As a mum of two, a newly graduated doctor of political science and a manager in one of the top tech companies I strongly believe that you can keep your integrity and find time for everything if you know what you want and you plan it well.
Join me in this talk to find out what are my ways to fit it all in “only” 24 hours a day.

3:30 pm
4:00 pm
Building open-source communities — or: why do we need softskills?

There is that stereotype of a programmer being a “lone wolf”, a genius who works from their basement and single-handedly crafts a new Microsoft or Facebook. Articles on “how to start your career in IT” also tend to only focus on technical skills — “how to write code”, if you will. And yet it’s difficult to overestimate the power of GNU tools, GNU/Linux system or services such as StackOverflow, GitHub or Reddit. The vast majority of software isn’t created by any single person, not even a single team, but whole complex communities of people — with all the consequences.

Why are certain programming languages, libraries or tool completely niche, despite an amazing concept and performance, while others succeed despite obvious flaws? Why is it so difficult to create a good technology stack, despite so many great options being available? And what was even the matter with Linus Torvalds?

I will answer all of the above and more, based on my experiences from communities I saw — and took a part in — raising.

4:10 pm
4:40 pm
How to start your startup journey as a techie. Sharing my story.

After over 15 years in different IT roles and mostly having corporate jobs I decided to build my own startup. Within a year I managed to go from “zero support and no clear plan on how to get there” to becoming a co-founder of a startup that successfully went through 3 acceleration programs and got initial investment. I’d love to share my journey and tips “how to get there” with anyone who wants to start their startup journey as a technical co-founder, especially women!

On-site Workshops | 15.03 | Friday

9:30 am
11:00 am

Have you ever been in a situation — in a job interview, meeting, or even a social situation — where you had to talk about your achievements? It’s not easy, is it? Why so many gifted women find it hard to talk openly about their accomplishments? Imposter syndrome. Stereotypes. Culture. For many reasons, lots of us feel uncomfortable sharing our achievements.

#IAmRemarkable is a global movement that empowers everyone to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. While it was originally only offered to Google employees, soon there were many requests from customers, agencies, universities, and all sorts of other places.

Today, #IAmRemarkable is a 90-minute workshop open to everyone, ideal for those who struggle with:

  • Making themselves visible,
  • Knowing their value,
  • Feeling confident,

During the #IAmRemarkable workshop, you will:

  • Learn about the importance of self-promotion in your personal and professional life,
  • Discover amplifying stories and research on the transformative power of self-promotion,
  • Learn how to embrace and effectively communicate your achievements,
  • Gain tools to develop the skill of celebrating their remarkable achievements.
11:10 am
12:35 pm
Your brain on digital steroids. How to supplement your thinking and creativity with AI?

Do you ever feel creatively “stuck”? As if no matter how hard you try, you can’t break out of your mental box? What if you could smash through those barriers and access genius-level creative thinking on demand?

In this workshop, you’ll learn how AI can help you shatter creative blocks, challenge assumptions, and ideate faster than ever before.

I will cover and show you:

• The little-known techniques of leveraging AI for perspective shifting.

• Hands-on exercises to quickly expand your thinking and uncover insights you’d never discover on your own

• Real-world examples of how AI augmentation led to creative leaps in business and the arts

• A simple but powerful framework for using AI to incubate ideas, accelerate experimentation, and drive innovation.

12:40 pm
3:10 pm
Designing IT Career Paths Beyond Senior

Instead of conforming to a predefined competence matrix, why not design a career path tailored to your unique needs, goals, and talents? This workshop empowers you to actively shape your future role by combining your perspective with the organization’s expectations.

The workshop aims to provide you with the tools necessary to contribute actively to developing your career path. Throughout the session, you will:

  • Map your professional journey, identifying both pain points and areas of growth.
  • Explore your needs, motivations, and frustrations while considering the company’s expectations.
  • Define a problem statement that captures your career’s key challenges and aspirations.
  • Generate innovative solutions that address the identified problem statement.
  • Learn how to prototype and test various career options that align with your preferences.
  • Embrace an iterative approach, testing and refining your career path based on feedback and learnings.

In a rapidly changing IT landscape, this approach encourages you to work on your career path in short iterations, creating rapid prototypes, testing them, and learning from setbacks. Say goodbye to the traditional waterfall approach and welcome a more agile and adaptable approach to building your IT career.

3:20 pm
4:40 pm
Elevate Your Product Leadership: Hot Seat Coaching

Join us for an exclusive workshop tailored for seasoned product leaders. Led by a distinguished product coach, this immersive experience empowers you to confront real-world product challenges alongside your peers who share your journey. Engage in dynamic discussions, collaborative problem-solving, and invaluable insights from both the coach and your fellow participants. Prepare to elevate your leadership skills and gain a firsthand glimpse into the transformative impact of having a product leadership coach. Come ready with your most pressing questions – the hot seat awaits!

VOD Premium Content

Can Mentoring Help Conquer the Four Horsemen of Personal and Professional Apocalypse?

In today’s fast-paced world, professionals face numerous challenges that can hinder personal growth and professional advancement. These challenges, often referred to as the “Four Horsemen of Personal and Professional Apocalypse,” include Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism, Fear of Failure, and Comfort Zone Confinement. This presentation explores the transformative power of mentoring in overcoming these obstacles, fostering resilience, and promoting a culture of continuous learning and development.

Leading in times of uncertainty: helping your team grow is the only answer

If you are a team leader, you are experienced. You are smart and knowledgeable. You earn decent money for being an expert. But the reality in IT is demanding. Projects and clients change, requirements change, and vision for the company, your and your team’s goals CHANGE. Uncertainty is all around you.

Is there anything that can save you? Allow you to reach your management’s expectations? Help you deliver? It is your team. And the answer to change is constant development. You embracing the role of a leader that helps people grow and adapt.

During this talk, I will use my experience as a team leader and a former Head of Delivery of a ~200 people software house, to give you tips on how to work together with your team to achieve lasting change.

Evolving as a Product Leader: Navigating the Transition from Seniority to Leadership

During this talk, we delve into the journey from being an individual contributor in product management to stepping up as a people leader and even a founder. We will explore the mental shift required to transition from seniority to leadership. As a senior product manager, you’re an expert in your field, but how do you navigate the complexities when you’re called to lead people? We will discuss how to choose the right mentors who can guide you through this process and also the value of becoming a mentor yourself.

Next, we will cover the exciting yet challenging decision to become a founder. What changes should you anticipate, and how can you prepare for this leap? We will provide insights based on real-life experiences and lessons learned.

Lastly, we will compare executive roles with people leadership. How do these roles differ, and what skills are needed to excel in each? This talk aims to equip product managers and wanna-be founders with a deeper understanding of the journey to leadership in tech, celebrating the strides made by women in this field and inspiring the audience to build upon these foundations.

AI as Your Career Ally: Harnessing Technology for Professional Growth

The registration for exclusive 1:1 mentoring sessions (available for both onsite and virtual attendees) and hands-on workshops (exclusively available for onsite attendees) is now open!

Limited capacity – first come, first serve!


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