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From Software Developer to Servant Leader: My Journey and the Power of Empathy in Modern Leadership

March 15, 2023

In this talk, I will share my career transition from a software developer to a servant leader. As a mother of two daughters, I found parenting to be closely related to leadership and how leading by example can be effective. I learned to embrace failure, take responsibility, step out of my comfort zone, collaborate with society, and put the needs of my team first. I believe in the power of servant leadership, where the leader's goal is to serve the team, and teamwork is the key to success. I also learned the importance of empathy in communication, essential for modern and authentic leadership.

Being a supportive manager is truly a rewarding experience that brings immense satisfaction. When you create an environment of positivity, collaboration, and encouragement, you not only foster a sense of belonging among your team members but also inspire them to reach greater heights together. Through my journey, I hope to inspire more women to consider managerial roles in engineering leadership as we strive for gender equality in the industry.