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A reactive architecture based on Vert.x and Kubernetes

April 16, 2018

The combination of microservices and the availability of easy to operate cloud infrastructures has changed the way we build software. Where classic 3-tier applications dominated only a few years ago we today see highly distributed microservice infrastructures. At the same time the expectations of our customers advanced at almost the same pace. Downtimes are a far more serious issue as they will drive them away to the competition.

Classic application design and the way we used to build software hit there limits a while ago and new paradigms were required. This talk will show how the combination of a reactive application framework like Vert.x, a Kubernetes based infrastructure, Scala and a lot of fun give us a fully reactive architecture … and happy customers. In this talk I will introduce the core concepts of Vert.x, its event bus, the new Scala-integration and how this all plays together with Kubernetes. Expect to see a lot of code and to learn how a developer can effectively develop locally using Vert.x and Kubernetes together.