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„In theory „yes”, but in practice…” – zoom on leadership

March 15, 2024

In a world full of academic concepts and an ongoing stream of (even practical) advice on “how-to” lead & manage people, I believe there is still no “fitting-all” solution. Winning people’s hearts and minds is still a challenge for us as humans (not only in the workplace). Therefore, I won’t give you “ready-made” recipes to be re-applied in any random environment, as their effectiveness depends, in my opinion, on a context and very individual set-up and external & internal circumstances. Instead, I will invite you to exercise your open but still critical and full of alertness mind while zooming on some currently popular trends in leadership. From the practitioner's perspective, I will spotlight some dark areas where academic concepts may not work in practice (and why), not to discredit these concepts but to sensitize future practitioners to some variables impacting adequacy. To the concepts under the loop, you may expect: servant leadership, call out for diversity & inclusion, people empowerment, people engagement, and communication.