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Values in Tech – Beyond Buzzwords: A Vital Action-Item on Your Career RoadMap

March 15, 2024

Ever found yourself lost, not sure which role to take, not able to pinpoint what bugs you at work?

Or finding yourself in workplaces that didn't really allow you to shine, and it felt hard to just "do your job"?

Navigating key points in your career requires a thoughtful approach. In this discussion, we'll explore the practical role of your values in your professional journey.

Beyond the commonplace understanding of corporate values, we unravel the strategic use of these principles, elevating them from mere rhetoric to a cornerstone guiding your professional journey.

I'll introduce the "Value-Driven Professional Life" method, showing you how to integrate values into your daily work life and make informed choices, moving beyond just tech considerations when assessing job opportunities. This approach empowers you to understand workplace culture and take intentional steps in line with your career goals.