Inspiring Women in IT

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From the beginnings of programming in the 20th century to the present times entirely driven by technology, the history of IT is full of #womenheroes!

To celebrate Women’s Day, we invite you to get inspired and hear stories from our four invited speakers, successful women from the IT industry.

The event will be hosted by Dominika Glazer, Head of Product @ VirtusLab

Dominika shared her career story at Inspiring Women in IT 2022. You can watch her presentation here.


5:30 PM

Doors Open

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6:00 PM

Event Opening

6:05 PM

Introduction – Women in IT 2023: data with no fluff

Each year at No Fluff Jobs we explore the secrets of women in tech. We dive into the aspects of inclusive work environment, gender pay gap, and stereotypes, as well as chosen career paths, opportunities for self-development, and earnings. Can women in IT break the glass ceiling? What are their needs in terms of benefits: a 4-day work week, menstrual leave or workation?
We’ve gathered trends, insights and charts based on the study conducted in 5 European countries (Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech Republic and the Netherlands).

Ewa Kuik • Senior B2B Marketing Specialist at No Fluff Jobs
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6:15 PM

My “si szarp” story

My change of the industry. At the age of 36, I started working in the IT services sector. I will talk about the facts and myths that I experienced, with particular emphasis on failures and successes.

Aga Myśliwczyk • Co-Founder & CEO @ CandidFuture
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6:45 PM

My Vision, My Voice: Building a Successful Career in IT

I’ll take you through my experience of facing cultural challenges and breaking barriers, also show you the opportunities and obstacles that come with working in a global market. With tips and tricks, I’ll help you find your own path in this thrilling and fulfilling industry. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to elevate your career, this talk will give you the motivation, insight, and guidance you need to make a big impact in tech. Come along with me as I share my journey as a woman in the exciting world of IT!

Mira Melhor • UX Enterprise Manager at VirtusLab
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7:15 PM


7:30 PM

Only YOU know what you are capable of

I graduated in Computer Science, even though my teachers said it might be too difficult for me. At the end of my studies, I was the best in class out of 400 students! While going to school full-time, I also got a job as an Administrator. I was quickly promoted to a Department Manager role. As my career progressed, I changed roles and employers but stayed in the field of tech. I’ve faced many challenges on my journey, but I’ve also met wonderful people from whom I’ve learned so much. I am proof that women can not only exist in the world of IT but that they can succeed.    

Iwona Masłoń • Business Risk Director for Technology Services at UBS
8:00 PM

From Software Developer to Servant Leader: My Journey and the Power of Empathy in Modern Leadership

In this talk, I will share my career transition from a software developer to a servant leader. As a mother of two daughters, I found parenting to be closely related to leadership and how leading by example can be effective. I learned to embrace failure, take responsibility, step out of my comfort zone, collaborate with society, and put the needs of my team first. I believe in the power of servant leadership, where the leader’s goal is to serve the team, and teamwork is the key to success. I also learned the importance of empathy in communication, essential for modern and authentic leadership.

Being a supportive manager is truly a rewarding experience that brings immense satisfaction. When you create an environment of positivity, collaboration, and encouragement, you not only foster a sense of belonging among your team members but also inspire them to reach greater heights together. Through my journey, I hope to inspire more women to consider managerial roles in engineering leadership as we strive for gender equality in the industry.

Magdalena Kunat-Ciunowicz • Engineering Manager at Appsilon
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8:30 PM


Let’s get inspired!

15.03.2023 | 6:00 PM | Hevre, Krakow

The event will be held in Polish. The equivalent of the ticket can be collected at the bar during the event.

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